Friday, July 20, 2012

Pudu Market Stint

Was invited by Khaireen to do some "streetshooting" at Pudu Market. Brought a 35mm camera and a couple rolls of film. Most of these photos were taken with a borrowed 21mm SA f2.8. Quite a remarkable piece of machinery, German engineering at its best!

Snapshot of a person selling.... ( Cant recall ). First time using a 21mm, am not used to focussing using the RF, followed by composing using the external VF.

Many thanks to Uncle K for being my lightman. hehe. Those hotshoe-mountable LEDs are quite useful! Without it, it'd needed at least 1/4s to get a decently exposed photo.

My favourite fishmonger....

Cropped his hand! Shucks.

Kids these days........ Bossy.

Last photo worth uploading.

That's it for now..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dan95 - 2011 Vacation

Hey there. I rarely post photos on Photomalaysia. Its mainly because I spend too much time scouring ebay for 'bargains', when I should spend more time out shooting! To those who do not know me, umm, im sort of the guy PMers hate, probably because I talk too much ( as you can see from my post count ).Anyways, went on holiday about a month ago. Brought a 35mm and 50mm + 1 body with me, though only used the 35mm. With 14 rolls of B&W ISO 400 film in hand, I was ready and ecstatic. Films passed through xray scanners for a total of 4 times. Yes 4! And I read online the limit is 5! Only exposed 4 rolls though. Weather wasn't on my side, as the days were mostly cloudy. To my dismay, I contracted the flu, and had a high fever! I was in the doldrums most of the time, and only was in the mood to expose 4 rolls. That equates to 144 photos; 18 photos a day. Anyway, enough with the gibberish. Here are the photos; Do comment, criticise, castigate my photos!
The Price Of Luxury
I was there, at Oxford street. Minding my own business.When suddenly all hell broke loose. Police cordoned the street. People were rushed away from the scene. I went with the crowd. Took some photos, till an officer from the Scotland Yard instructed me to lower my camera. Turns out a stabbing had occurred in one of the shops.


Into the Dark/Light

Sipping. Slurping.

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit



Making Ends Meet

Living among the thousands of faceless immigrants
Doggy Style

The Look